Carton Box (K4) and Paper


Paper Recycling

Paper and paper products make up over a third of household waste. Paper recycling involves de-inking, bleaching and re-pulping. Newspapers can be de-inked and used to make newsprint, box board, or moulded pulp products such as egg trays.

For purposes of recycling, paper can be categorized as :-

Grades of Waste Paper

  • Kraft Grades (Brown cardboards)

    •  Corrugated container ( boxes) K4
  • Mechanical Grades (Papers)

    • Special news- newspapers and magazines 20% mix only ( post consumer) SN
    • Over issue news- news papers that have not been used or overruns FN
    • Magazines – dry coated magazines, catalogues SBM
    • Sorted white ledger- office grade white paper with no contaminants HL1
  • Mixed Grades ( mixed papers)

    • Mixed Paper- mixture of different papers CMW
    • Super mixed paper- mixture of various qualities and colours of paper SMW

What contaminates reduces the price of paper

Remove all the following contaminants

  • Greaseproof paper
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Synthetic adhesives ( Glues)
  • Metallic foils
  • Wax coated papers ( waterproof boxes)
  • Cellophanes
  • Carbon papers
  • Staples
  • Oil or grease stained papers or cardboards
  • Dirty or contaminated papers
  • Drink cartons

Terms used in the paper industry

  • Broke: Paper that has been discarded anywhere in the manufacturing process. It is usually returned to a re-pulping unit for reprocessing
  • Corrugated paper: Heavy paperboard, moulded into parallel ridges and grooves.
  • High-grade waste: Waste paper that is the most valued in the market place. High-grade paper includes trimmings and cuttings from converting plants, computer printouts, tabulating cards and desk top paper. High-grade waste paper is often collected in offices.
  • Kraft paper: A comparatively coarse paper particularly noted for its strength and made primarily from wood pulp produced by the sulphate pulping process.
  • Mixed office papers: Mixed waste paper that is generated in offices and has high recycling value.
  • Newsprint: The kind of paper generally used for printing newspaper.